In honor of Milwaukee’s birthday, I’ve decided to compile a list of things I miss about it since I’ve moved away.

1) Lake Front Fixed Gear beer.

2) Oddly enough, the winter cold.

3) That lovely elongated “A” sound, which us locals have.

4) Turner Hall Ballroom, The Pabst Theater, and The Riverside Theater.

5) Comet Cafe, Palomino, Beans & Barley.. really all of the vegan eateries.

6) The Oriental.

7) Driving along the lake front at dusk.

8) Vegan cupcakes from Honey Pie.

9) How socially acceptable bowling is on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night.

10) Sils drive thru donut stand.

11) Having a friend in that band, and that band, oh and that band.

12) Marquette basketball games at the Bradley Center.

13) Checking out all the creepy people at Victors.

14) 80s night at Mad Planet.

15) The Milwaukee Public Market.

16) Alterra Blue Heeler coffee.

17) Pretending like you hate recognizing the majority of people in your favorite bars, but secretly enjoying it.

18) Biking along Lake Drive.

19) Bastille Days, and the accompanying nighttime 5k race.

20) Intense Wisconsin pride.